In Russia, a new czar rises that seeks to resurrect the Soviet Empire. In Iran, a new president emerges whose brutality and cultish apocalyptic obsession with the return of the Islamic messiah, The Twelfth Imam, dwarves that of his predecessor. As Russia and Iran work together to galvanize the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia, a new threat is produced that terrifies the Western World, particularly Israel and the United States.

Obama has finished his second term and a new president is in office. The global economy has spiraled to new lows with an increasing complexity unforeseen by any of the experts. World leaders are seeking transnational solutions, while they simultaneously swallow up private industry without hesitation, in their effort to harmonize the world and consolidate power and control.

As the United States struggles to find its new position in the world, the last hope of a weak U.S. President is found in a handful of operatives led by an obstinate, cigar-smoking, tattooed Irish-American warrior—Blaze McIntyre.

Under the counsel of his spiritual advisor, an Irish preacher with a drinking problem, Blaze struggles with warnings of a biblically prophesied war as he springs forward into one of the most consequential operations of his career. Driven by his inner demons, natural propensity toward aggression, and obsessive love of country, Blaze eagerly accepts his part in a three-pronged mission to decapitate the source of the looming nuclear threats overseas.